• Life got a little bigger as we drove along the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.
    #MontanaMoment | Jason T., Billings, MT
  • Horses, ropes, skis, jumps—skijoring is on a whole other level, even as a spectator.
    #MontanaMoment | Bill G., Boston, MA
  • It was hard to decide between the best sleep we’d ever had and the best stars we’d ever seen.
    #MontanaMoment | Cassandra L., Minneapolis, MN
  • Strapping yourself to 10 very happy dogs gives you a whole new perspective on going fast.
    #MontanaMoment | Nancy T., Denver, CO

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    When the snow flies (and fly it does), Montana is transformed. From powder-covered mountains to dogsled tracks to hidden hot springs, winter here makes travel just a little bit more interesting.


    Montana’s 16 ski areas mean fewer people, shorter lift lines and a lot more untracked snow.

    Ski Trip Ideas


    Under a blanket of snow and winter air, Montana’s two national parks feel quieter and even more powerful.

    Glacier and Yellowstone Trip Ideas


    Winter opens up a whole new world of outdoor adventure across Montana’s diverse landscape.

    Winter Trip Ideas


    “For several minutes, I just watched the mountains, in awe that they had been there all this time—my entire lifetime—without me ever having witnessed them.”ANDREW E., GLACIER BASIN IN GLACIER NATIONAL PARK

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